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Tularosa Moto

Motorosa Triton Gloves

Motorosa Triton Gloves

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Rumor has it that the first cafe racer motorcycle to hit the streets of 1950’s London was the fabled Triton motorcycle - a brand that never actually existed. Spirited riders eager to push the envelope would combine frames from one bike with an engine from another so that they could break all speed limits as they darted from one cafe to the other. The fastest mashup of the era was a Triumph Bonneville engine on a Norton frame - hence the Triton moniker. 

With its mashup of classic looks and modern fit, our Triton glove is a flashback to the cafe racing era. Healthy cuts of rugged leather throughout make for a good looking and long lasting glove. Specially constructed leather stretch panels across the knuckles and two primary fingers adds extra flexibility where it counts. Extra padding across the palm helps keep the road vibrations down and reduce wear and tear on the hands. 

Snug fit and perforated leather fingers allow for superior control and comfort. Interior seams in the fingers offer extra durability and protection from blowing out due to hard use. The velcro closure across the wrist makes for quick on and off.

  • Exterior made from genuine leather
  • Interior contains soft, moisture wicking polyester liner
  • Leather stretch panels across knuckles and index and ring fingers
  • Extra padding across palm for enhanced wear protection and comfort
  • Velcro closure for snug fit
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    Cafe Racer Vintage Motorcycle Leather Gloves
    Outer shell made with premium cowhide leather
    100% polyester lining
    Stretch panel on the knuckle for maximum flexibility
    Light weight and comfortable
    Pre curve shape
    Padded palm
    Wrist elastic and Hook & loop closure


    Instead of washing with hot water, wipe your gloves with a damp, warm cloth
    Avoid direct contact with heat e.g., hot surfaces
    Do not wash your gloves in the washing machine – this will damage your gloves
    Do not dry clean your gloves – this too, will damage your gloves
    Avoid immersing your leather gloves completely in water
    Do not touch any corrosive chemicals while wearing leather gloves
    Do not use any detergent which is not leather glove specific or friendly