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Motorosa Race Line Suit v2

Motorosa Race Line Suit v2

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Your leather suit is the most important piece of gear that you will own. When you’ve been tossed from your bike and you’re tumbling down the asphalt at freeway speeds, your suit is the only thing between you and a bloody mess. We’ve been there - so we know that cutting corners to save on costs is absolutely not worth it. Instead, we’ve set out to construct the most protective and durable protective suit available on the market today. 

All suits include CE Level 2 SAS tech visco elastic protection in the shoulders, elbows, knees, hips and back. These shock absorbing pads remain pliable and will comfortably mold to the body while riding but will quickly increase resistance to absorb force when subjected to a fast, direct impact. Our armor actually exceeds the CE Level 2 specifications by 40% - an industry leading level of force reduction.

Not only is our armor CE Level 2 rated but so too is every inch and scrap of leather, fabric and zipper that makes up our premium suits. Every critical seam isn’t just double stitched - it’s triple stitched for maximum strength. When an impact tries to wear a hole, tear a hole or pull your suit apart, you can be confident that industry leading materials and construction will be there to protect you.

Of course fit and comfort is critical too. Keeping you cool and comfortable during hot summer days is every bit as important as crash protection. Unless specified, all of our suits consist of perforated leather for maximum breathability. Keprotec stretch fabric in noncritical areas offers optimal breathability while allowing for freedom of movement and abrasion resistance. 

All orders are made to order. 4-6 weeks delivery time. 
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    ☑️Titanium crash plates at your shoulders, elbows and knees
    ☑️Removable plastic sliders at knees
    ☑️SAS Tech CE Level 2 armor at shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees
    ☑️All materials pass CE Level 2 standards for abrasion, impact, puncture and chemical destruction
    ☑️Heavy duty YKK zipper closure for strength and ease of use
    ☑️All critical seams triple stitched for maximum strength
    ☑️Repositionable armor in knees, elbow and shoulder.
    ☑️Armor is attached by velcro and not immobilized in a fixed pocket.

    ☑️Internal pocket with velcro closure for cell phone or other valuables
    ☑️Removable inside mesh liner for easy cleaning
    ☑️Speed hump optimally designed to minimize aerodynamic drag at high speed
    ☑️Breathable fabric in noncritical areas for maximum airflow
    ☑️Your choice of perforated or non-perforated leather
    ☑️Accordion stitched leather in back and shoulder to allow for maximum flexibility and comfort


    Clean with a damp cloth and some lukewarm water.
    Let the garment dry at room temperature, avoid direct heat sources or sunlight.
    Once the garment is dry, clean it with a leather cleaner, let it dry again, and finish with a leather conditioner.