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Motorosa Ace Gloves

Motorosa Ace Gloves

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The original cafe racers of the 1950’s began their illegal street races from the Ace Cafe in London. Screaming from cafe to cafe, they would push their stripped down bikes to cross the 100 mph (160kpm) mark so they could make it into the “Ton-Up Boys club” and earn the bragging rights that came along with. With its sleek fit and bold racing stripes, we designed our Ace glove to match the cocky spirit of British cafe racers while offering the style to go along with. 

We didn’t just create our gloves to look good. Genuine leather offers both a comfortable fit and protection from road fatigue and abrasion. Hard TPU plastic protects the knuckles while extra leather in the palm and knuckles reinforces the glove in key wear spots. 

Interior seams in the fingers offer extra durability and protection from blowing out due to hard use. Ventilation holes in the fingers and knuckle help keep the hands comfortable during hot summer months. 

We placed the strap on the underside of the glove so that it’s not exposed to the wind. Not only does this maintain a sleeker look but it also avoids having to deal with your glove closure flapping in the wind once you hit high speeds. 

The glove entry is wide for ease of putting on the glove. No having to fight to get the glove on your hand each time you get on your bike. Overall fit is snug however so that motorcycle control is not sacrificed. We recommend buying our gloves on the tighter side as the natural leather will break in with use.  

  • Exterior made from genuine goat leather
  • Interior contains soft, moisture wicking polyester liner
  • Curved, hard plastic protection in knuckle
  • Extra padding across top of palm for enhanced wear protection
  • Velcro closure for snug fit
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    Classic Leather Motorcycle Protective Gloves
    Outer shell made with premium goat leather
    100% polyester lining
    Featuring protection on knuckle
    Light weight and comfortable
    Pre curve shape
    Reinforced palm
    Wrist elastic and Hook & loop for wrist adjustment


    Instead of washing with hot water, wipe your gloves with a damp, warm cloth
    Avoid direct contact with heat e.g., hot surfaces
    Do not wash your gloves in the washing machine – this will damage your gloves
    Do not dry clean your gloves – this too, will damage your gloves
    Avoid immersing your leather gloves completely in water
    Do not touch any corrosive chemicals while wearing leather gloves
    Do not use any detergent which is not leather glove specific or friendly

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